2013 Shows

Canberra Royal 2013

Canberra Royal was a fabulous success for Darkmoor Shires, with Darkmoor da Vinci winning the Shire Colt/Stallion class! As is becoming the norm, da Vinci handled what could have been a very stressful situation with ease and grace.

He received incredibly positive remarks from the judge, who commented that da Vinci was, “…a typical foal on the day, but with no obvious faults…particularly impressed with his feet and joints, flat bone and lovely quality hair.” He went on to say that he feels da Vinci has a lot of potential for the future.

Perhaps it’s because this is all so new to us, but we are once again feeling very proud of da Vinci and super pleased with our results. We’d like to say (another!) big thank you to our friend Liz Tuddenham for leading da Vinci out for us. She did an exceptional job and we are very grateful for her time and energy.



Canberray Royal