Dainty foals Darkmoor Adele

Dainty delivered us a beautiful filly on 6th November. We were on alert for problems as this is Dainty’s first foal, but she delivered without difficulty and took to mothering right away. Archie and Dainty are a great match and have produced a lovely foal. We’ve named her Adele. Adele looks like she will mature into a lovely rich dark bay and has very similar markings to her sire. She’s got great legs, expressive movement and the most beautiful temperament.


Darkmoor Jackson

We’re pleased to announce our latest arrival… On 28th October, Jessica foaled a beautiful black colt with four white socks. Jackson loves to play with his older brother over the fence – it looks like he’s going to have a big personality! We’re delighted to welcome Darkmoor Jackson into the world. He’ll be gelded and available for sale when he is weaned .