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Fitting rugs on adult heavy horses can be quite difficult. We’ve had great success using both custom rugs made here in Australia and off the shelf rugs from England. With younger horses, it’s usually possible to find a cost effective rug that fits well from your local horse shop.

Here’s a few places to look for heavy horse rugs:

Loretta from N’Hay Gear can make just about anything you desire. Her work is very high quality.

The Big Horse Shop sells pre made rugs designed specifically to fit heavy horses. They are reasonably priced even after the currency conversion, but the postage can be expensive.

Love My Horse and Impressa, both based in Australia, also sell rugs in larger sizes to fit heavy horses.

Leather & Biothane Gear 

Halters, bridles and harness generally need to be specially made for heavy horses because of their size. Here are a few places that either stock or can custom make heavy horse gear from leather or biothane:

Mahbrook Harness & Carriage Supplies

Bywong, NSW

02 6236 9210

Dutalis Saddlery

Goulburn, NSW

02 4821 2838

Asterisk Horse Collars & Harness

Currawarna, NSW

Carbery Carriage & Harness

Heavy Horse Show Decorations 

The decorations required for showing heavy horses can either be made at home (if you’re crafty) or purchased from someone who makes them professionally. Here are a few suggestions:

Heavy Horse Decorations (UK)

Elaine from Heavy Horse Decorations makes beautiful traditional decorations in a lot of different colours.

Five Star Horse Decorations (US)

Five Star Horse Decorations do a fantastic job making decorations designed to match the American style of show decorating, which is slightly different to the English one. Their flights, tail decorations and ribbons are lovely, but remember that if you want to plait your Shire with a traditional English mane roll, you’ll need three strands not two.

Heavy Horse Publications

The Commonwealth Clydesdale Society of Australia publishes an excellent resource book filled with high quality information about heavy horse conformation, harness, vehicles, educating, showing and breeding. You can purchase that book here:

Heavy Horse Herald Magazine (UK)

Draft Horse Journal Magazine (US)

Heavy Horse World Magazine (UK)

Australian Heavy Horses Website

Aussie Heavy Horses has a great range of heavy horse merchandise and a large range of useful links.

World Wide Shire Studbook

Heavy Horse Facebook Groups 

There are a number of heavy horse specific groups on Facebook.

Heavy Horse Specific Shows & Field Days 

St Heliers


National Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Festival – Werribee

Heavy Horse Shoes 

Hawksbury River Saddle Co

Hawksbury River Saddle Co stock a great range of American made (Will Lent brand) heavy horse shoes. They ship Australia wide.

West Michigan Horseshoe Supply (US)

West Michigan Horseshoe Supply sell many different types of draft horse shoes, nails and tools. You may need to use a third party postal service to get these sent to Australia.

Wesley Stewart Farrier Services

Wes is a skilled farrier and horseman who makes great quality custom shoes.

Other Heavy Horse Suppliers 

Auchengree Clydesdales (UK)

Auchengree Clydesdales have a great range of heavy horse show supplies available in their online shop.

Shipshewana Harness (US)

Shipshewana Harness sell all sorts of heavy horse supplies – halters, harness, show gear, shoes and tools.

Australian Carriage & Harness Supplies

Australian Carriage & Harness Supplies sells a wide range of harness and carriage products.

Heavy Horse & Carriage Hire 

Roscommon Carriages (NSW/ACT)

Classic Clydesdales & Carriages (NSW/ACT)

Castlereagh Wedding Carriages (SYD)

Ware’s Livery Stables (SYD)

Charming Carriages (WA)

Swan Valley Wagon Tours (WA)

Cobb & Co Carriages (VIC)

Cindarella Carriage Hire (QLD)


Carol Stevens (UK)

Allira Fontana (AUS)

Tracey Muir (UK)

Judy Brodland (US)